What Would You Change

Ever known the feeling of a stomach that knows no fullness?

What would you change if you could stop all the badness?

All  the soldiers far from home, who to life they clung,  the taste of death dripping from their tongues

Would you look into the eyes of those who are lost with every breath, who because of war and hatred have tasted that cup of death.

Not only those who sipped it, but been pushed to swim around, scrambling for some freedom on  another countrys ground.

Would you allow them on your land, because of their skin and race? Or would you sneer in disgust, and refuse to see the face?

The face that holds an untold history, a story we do not know,  a chance to make it in a new home, but at the price of three? A father who left to find better jobs, and better life security.

If you could stop the violence, would you give it a second thought? That peace is the answer to many asked qestions, but in vain have we fought?

Don't let your mind tell you different, race or language may not be the same. But human is human, and otherwise thought is always such a shame.

To see their color before the person, their language before the work. Their job before their struggle, and give harsh words with a sneer and smirk.

You know not what they've been through, the life they had before, so take a look from their eyes, the path they have walked,  and maybe you can sympathize?

Color and race shouldn't matter, we have past that barrier, but people still express it, the words filled with anger.

We all have different backgrounds, different lives and opportunities, but what would you change if racism was something we could appease?




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