What is a year?

Sat, 01/14/2017 - 12:26 -- ashleyk

What is a year?

What can it befall?

Does it bring happiness or fear?

Does it bring anything at all?


We were all there in the cold.

Holding our breaths in anticipation

For we did not know what the year will hold 

It was a burning sensation.


Our souls were on fire with the wait

Then Seacrest said: It’s a brand new year

What would be the fate?

Of all those we hold dear.


We wake the next day

With a fresh new starting line

                                                                                       And our heads telling us everything will be okay,

We will be fine.


But, were we fine?

The year Twenty-Sixteen brought many trials

Devastating ones, ones that helped us shine

And ones that went on for millions of miles.


A Year is a book,

That unravels its pages one day at a time,

All we have to do is look

And cherish each line.


What did the year bring me?

Did it bring silver and gold?

Did it make me free?

Did it make me bold?


What did it bring?

Perhaps it brought me tears?

Perhaps it made me break a wing?

Perhaps it gave me new fears?


The truth is this year brought me

All of this and more,

You see

This all happened before.


Because, every year mimics the next,

But with a few exceptions and gift,

Our gift is new memories that are all complex

These memories are lifts.


Memories take us to times we spent,

At the beach or during our weekends,

Or wherever we went

With our family and friends.


Memories also bring us grief,

But with every tear,

We grow like a leaf,

And conquer our fear.


Tears and Laughs,

A bit of madness and shiny new things,

And a lot of paragraphs,

That is what each year brings.


Blood and sweat,

With the all hard-work we spent,

But, we never forget,

What it meant.

It meant a new start,

An opportunity to learn,

To make art,

Or change the way the world turns.


A Year is a race,

That challenges us,

It is a storm we have to embrace,

It is worth all the fuss.


This year changed me in a way

That I cannot even explain,

2017 is the beginning of a brand new day

I don’t know how it will fain.


But, I do know I am looking forward to

The new memories and friends God will send,

 Maybe it will even include you,

The end. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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