What was once our life,

Is something we no longer have.

When did we accept that beauty means skinny

and aesthetically pleasing beauty to the eye?

When did we start to take pride in lossing so much weigth,

that anorexia became the new best thing?

When did we allow violence in our homes,

and when did we just let it be?

When did it turn uncommon to dress how you please,

to be the person you were born to be?

Society divided people into this belief,

But i fro one have not stopped fighting.

I am a warrior with a couple extra pounds,

I may look in the mirror and take pride of the strech marks at my sides.

I may not love my thighs, but I've learned to accept it's me

With that I am unique.

How boring would Earth be if we all tried to be like one another?

How devastating would it be to know

that you are easily replaceable with someone who is just like you


When will the unhappiness end?

When will pride strike us free?

When will we let the shadows fall, to see the world

With a different name.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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