When I Close The Door To My Mind


When I close the door to my mind I see a million things swarming about,

An army of bees all with dfferent tasks at hand,

I feel they're just as confused as I am,

We attack a situaton and conquore with resoultion always,


If you froze the world you could see the giant advanced system,

Every bug - every person has place or job to play,

Were just advanced organisms in a man made jungle,

With all the puppet strings laced throughout the superiors' fingers,


The number one goal is  to survive but then there is love,

Theres hate to elevate your blood- emotions to overcome your analysis,

The wold's a casade of everyones expressed story all slammed together,

I feel the world squeezzing my brain begging to take control,


Although it will never happen because- I've seen a new perspective ,

One in which I am not part of a picture- but a picture that inspires many,

I 've grasped life by it's balanced horns and have now taken control,

When I close the door to my mind I can never be corruped.
















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