when i'm big



when i was little

i'd look up at my teacher and say

"i wanna be a queen

when i'm big"

teacher said thats obscene 

i grew up a little

i'd look my teacher in the eye and say

"I wanna be president 

when i'm big"

and teacher  continued to torment

a girl can't lead

a girl can't be in charge

a girl can't, can't, can't 

i grew up to a strong 18 years old

i look down on my teacher and say

"i want to be a teacher

when i'm big

i want to teach young girls

that it is good 

to lead. 

it is possible for 

a girl

to be in charge"




governor ambassador parliament 

have a voice 

stand out

this is what i want to be 

when i'm big



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