When Silence Starts Screaming


An oxymoron, just for me

always trying to blindly see

i cant tell, its all a blur

all i think is "why her?"

all these rumors,

you say none are true,

but for some odd reason,

i dont believe you.

i try and try to understand,

but still dont get the complex man,

or the thoughts in your feeble mind,

i see you in dreams,

reoccurring more than twice,

but the blatant disregard for you

cant be all that nice

i can never sleep at night,

sleeping out the days,

all while trying to ignore

your deceitful boyish ways

you broke my heart and stomped it,

then picked it up and spat,

all i can think is "why would you do that?"

I've walked away crying

and all you did was laugh

i cant afford a whole crap

but you can have a half.

you've taken all the love

and drained me like a sieve

so far away i stand

just away from you

crying alone,

in a corner,

on my own,

i smile on the outside,

but i scream on the in,

silently plotting

my revenge on you,

but then i think-

"what would Jesus do?"-

so i drop the matter

so theres no more pain

but unfortunately i

have to see you again.


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