Where do I look?

Tue, 01/03/2017 - 19:30 -- zlepore

Back and forth,

As a constant pull

Of the moon on earth,

which drew me far.

Unaware of time,

and it's creeping walk,

I was lost in my dreams,

unable to talk.


Where does one look,

When they don't know what to find?

I was losing myself,

and losing my time.

Never feeling right understood,

As I drew myself,

to places I never would.


Nothing was ever

taking a hold, 

Feeling out of place,

without a mold.


Don't know what I want to find,

But I'll know when it's been found.

Don't know who I want to be,

But I'll know when I'm around.

Don't know where I should go,

But I'll know when I am home.

Don't know who I should love,

But I'll know when I'm not alone.



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