That Which I Seek

The most beautiful sight in all the world:

A blank canvas.

The potential and creativity inside the artist brings life to art.

If you allow me this, I will make you a masterpiece.

For the paper is my canvas, and I the painter.

With my brush in hand – a pencil no less –

I dab at my palette, borrowed or made up

Words words words,

And with each stroke hope you enjoy the view.

Behold, I ask, my creation;

It is for you (and shouldn’t take much effort).

This isn’t for everyone, I have been told.

Don’t worry; I know what lies at the end of the road.

But it is my road, and I am use to the solitude.

Because there is nothing I want more

Than to paint pictures for the world.

A “job”, yes, that I have taken on

Could change me, but my life?

Know that it couldn’t change

What it already is.


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