The Whistleblower


I'll be the world's whisteblower.

With my notebook in hand and suit and tie on,

I'll patrol the area I'm responsible for.

If I catch you doing something you aren't supposed to be doing,

I'll give you a red card,

And the whole world will read it on their computers.

I'll also be there when you do something good,

To award you with a goal you've worked hard for it,

To call a penalty on the other team if you've been fouled.

The world will know about you too, 

I'll make you known.


I'll be the world's whistleblower.

A reporter read around the world,

Microphone, notebook, and pen in hand,

Looking for a story to tell,

Looking for a foul to call.

Like other whistleblowers I'll be hated by some,

Loved by others,

But heard by all.



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