I hide my skin beneath my clothes
In hope that no one sees or knows
The word that always twists the knife
Yes, I am white
I come to understand and find
That when I greet my fellow man
Each and every single time
People say its because his skin color is white
When I'm not friends with another
It is NOT because of their different color
Its because we do not get along
And yet I'm the one the blame falls on
When men get shot we barely blink
And I truely think its sad to think
That racism still rampages here today
But maybe it isn't what we all first?
The media revels in elation
From these hypocritical situations
But if the colors were flipped, switched or reversed
Would we question if the cop shot first?
Yes I'm white but I can't be proud
Or my enthusiasm would be shot down
With comments such as racist, and discrimination
This is the hypocracy I see in our nation
Can't we all just be proud of who we are?
The person I want to be instead of carrying scars
From being an outcast because I didn't want to hang out
With the kids who were for the thug life, all about
Am I a racist for wanting this?
for not wanting our future kids
To grow in the fear of being in sight
The fear because their skin is white


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