Who am I


Who am I, Who am I 

Do you know who you are, what you are or what will become of you in about 60 seconds

A lot could change about who you are in 1 minute

We could change, but we can never change who we are

Our behavior and attitude is part of who we are, and no matter how we might want to or like to change that, we can never really change somethings.


Somethings change and some things just never change

That which changes is we, and that which never changes is who we are

who we are is like a smoke, and no matter how hard we try to cover it up,

it eventually comes out.


Who we are is like a computer ad,

No matter how hard you try to block or disable them,

They just keep popping up sometimes, and

That is something that would never change about a computer.


Accept who you are, because who you are is what makes you what you are.

We try so hard and too hard to change who we are, but eventually, all we end up doing is making some improvements to who we are,

Don't deceive yourself, it's the truth,

Who we are can never and will never change.



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