Who AM I?

Why do they ask me who am I? Why do they ask me why am I so mean? Is it because they dont know my heart is torn in between.Dont judge me, they say dont judge a book by its cover, but you have already discarded my book without even reading the table of content. I battle the fields everyday of their words. A bully, A bully, A bully don't call me that. Its my head I hold up when you speak to me. A tough a** nah that aint me Im strong enough to hold the truth within me. Im a girl that has feelings 2 just because you label me as something doesnt mean its true. Looking in the mirror everyday wondering who is this person behind my skin. I say a girl who almost lost her brother to a bullet threw his back. Me having my brother with me today motivates me to keep on going. I know you ask me how I go from mirror to bullet IDK myself I am just here to let you hear about my self. So Listen Up!



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