Who am I, Who I am

I believe that maturity is not an outgrowing, but a growing up: that an adult is not a dead child, but a child who survived.

-Ursula K. Le Guin

 If this is the case then we are all survivors. Commonly known, the environment one immerses themselves is will inevitably become them. If I am a reflection of my environment then who am I? Growing up I was not the first born, middle child, or the baby. I like to think of myself as all three being the only child. Growing up without a sibling was the result in myself being timid, lonely, and discouraged. Or at least that was who I use to be. My mother is discipline and my father is ambition. Together they both prove that no matter where you’ve come from that success is a skill that is practice and built upon. Success knows no discrimination and has no bounds.  My father, born in a small town called Arkadelphia being the last of ten children it seemed as if the odds were not in his favor. He never stopped believing in himself when others did not. After finishing High School, he went on to join the military traveling the world before settling down to finish his education. With a passion for planes and anything that flies he managed to become an engineer for one of the world’s notorious engineering companies, Lockheed Martin. My mother, born in the midst of Dallas, being the middle child of three. It was known that anything worth having must be worked hard to obtain. With parents that constantly worked she knew that she had to work hard herself to become successful. After completing High School, she went on to college to further her education. With hard work and dedication, she completed her Master’s degree becoming a Senior HR director.  Being the only child, many presume that everything is handed to me on a silver platter. My parents have directly taught me that education is vital in becoming successful in life, they have also taught me the values of a good work ethic. Indirectly, from living with them, they have taught me that you must strive to be who you want to be; success is not easily obtained, and that will not be simply given to you without any effort.   I find myself spending long hours and even weekends doing homework and/or studying. As a child I hated spending more than fifteen minutes working on something, but now I enjoy working diligently and being dedicated to my work. A trait I’ve picked up from my mother, her work ethic. Her discipline to work hard and get the things that needed to be done finished has somehow rubbed off on me. When I was younger my father would always encourage my dreams; he was a child once too with dreams. With his encouragement my confidence grew, I believed in myself that I have the capability to be successful in anything that I choose to do.  My environment was full of growth; physically me becoming a young adult and mentally me becoming a young adult with the tools equip needed to manifest my success. I am no longer the child who was too timid to speak to up, or desperately needs the company of others, and certainly not discouraged enough to believe in myself.  Who am I? I am a reflection of my parents in my own image. I am my mother’s discipline and my father’s ambition. I am outgoing, independent, and courageous. I am the product of my environment that shows no matter where you’ve come from it is you who will determine who you will be.  I am determined to be victorious.  

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