Who I Am Now Isn't Who I Was

Dear My Past Self,

This is the part where I tell you that you're going to be okay

Each day might seem worse than the last

But, that everyday is truly a new day

Before you even open your eyes, your heart strings have already cast


The stars in your eyes into what's left of who you used to be

Attempting to escape the present and search behind you

Every last breath that falls out of your mouth becomes your symphony

Everything you would never try becomes all that you ever do


I'm asking you to save a little hope for the stressful weeks

When you feel alone and completely empty

It's okay to feel less than confident after every deep, red streak

Truth is, your demons are never going to let you be..


Who you are when everything seems destroyed

Happy when the world takes away how you feel

Almost like a wishing well filled with no coins

Your heart strings take the rod and begin to reel


Until your starless eyes are sparkling again

And your dark black skies have become grey

All your bleached clothes with previous bloodstains

Every tiny, happy moment in a bad day

Smile exchanges between strangers

Giving the truth that not everyone is a danger

Using the early mornings to sleep the day away

These are reasons why you're going to be okay



What Do I Do Now?

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