Who is My Mind?

You're running into the infinite darkness

Because there is nowhere else to go.

She is chasing you, a game of cat and mouse.

You, you see the darkness as your hole.

Your means of salvation from this wretched chase.

In your hole, you think you got away,

But little did you know,

You sowed the seeds for a most twisted fate.

You didn't have a plan, nary a care in the world.

But she, she began with the end in mind.

Her plan was to get you, and she did.

For you see, you weren't running from her.

You were running from yourself,

Your dysmorphed reflected self.

You ran into her embrace,

Seeking shelter.

She took you in, but she wouldn't let you go.

The harder you struggle to break free,

The tighter her grasp around your neck becomes.

You realize that she is now a part of you,

Or rather, you a part of her.

She is the puppet master,

You are her puppet.

She controls your motions,

Every aspect of your being.

You let the string lag,

Become compliant.

She is the soft, trusting voice in your head.


A facade of perfection


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