Who Should I Choose? What Should I Do?

Tue, 09/09/2014 - 12:10 -- ecimase

My affections, caught between two girls

These feelings of mine, so confused

A new story of romance now unfurls

No idea whom I should choose

This can be so very tough

One, vibrant, so full of life

Can't help but feel the love

This love triangle is just full of strife

The other, both dark and gloomy

Concealing such a beautiful smile

Another outcast, she's just like me

Alone but together all the time

For who I am, they can see

Never have to hide who I am

Each is conscious of how we feel

It is clear that they understand

If only the entire world were nice

The three of us, so close

Those other people, hearts full of ice

Though, you want to know whom I chose

Still, for now, I just can't decide

Please don't try to force me

So much stress I could just cry

For in time, we shall see

How could I ever possibly choose?

Whose loving feelings I can return

Though, I could never hurt either so

Who should I choose? What should I do?


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