Sun, 07/21/2013 - 17:02 -- jas420

why is that people dont see what I see?

Is it too hard to comprehend that of which you have right before your eyes

daughters worth more than gold, the rarest pearls, diamonds, greater than the world

Yet, they arent given as much appreciation, worth or importance as they should be given 


They say and speak their minds, hoping for someone to listen and accept their wishes,

someone to value what they see as important and meaningful; to take their concerns as their own 

Yet, they are heard but not listened to. 


Then it is these daughters that feel as if they are a curse, nothing more but occupied space on this 

world already full of individuals

They then feel as if they were born to be nothing more than statues that sit back and watch while the

world is progressing in each and every corner by every passing second


They feel worthless, regardless of the luxury and riches they are given, they still feel poor; a feeling

caused from being heard but not listened too.


But why? why does this happen to daughters, even the most sincere and honest of daughters that 

aspire to have the same rights as their fellow brothers and to not only be heard but listened to. 




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