Why Did It End This Way?

Whether it be grims or just a fairy tale

What really happened in the end, not many people can tell

Different variations, scattered around time

Like was Jack a good boy or did he really commit a crime

Fairy tales, not fictions, they really tell a story

Some imaginative like disney. some realist like grim's gory

If it was up to be I would create my own realm

With magic and imagination but realistic, call it seldom

With these tales I shake up the concept, disrupt the status quo

Princesses and Princes, that's not how the story goes

With realism and fiction joining as one

I envoke the power to create and so the story has begun


Jack and the beanstalk, a classic indeed

Jack running off with the golden harp and goose all from climbing a sprouted seed

But you see this is not how my fairy tale looms

My imagination leads my fairy tale to Jack's doom

Jack takes his tim to grow the seed

With the encouragment of his evil deeds

Jack still takes the golden harp and the goose 

Laughing and running from the giant in his amuse

But one thing happened that Jack wouldn't expect

The giant came down from his castle to exact his revenge 

The towns people kill the giant and search for that who caused their pain

Jack was found guilty and hung by the brain

This is how the story will end

So noone can ask the silly question again.


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This was a fun activity to do it was really exciting to make you r own ending from a classic story with your own twists.