Why eat animals when you can have sex with them and, like me, become PM of your country?

By Stanley Collymore


I am an animal lover although not for the reasons you

would obviously have imagined, since in this PR

obsessed world, and I should know because it’s

the only previous job that I’ve ever held down

prior to my existing one, and consequently

necessary in those given circumstances

to deceptively put up a solid front for

politically self-serving purposes

and realpolitik reasons to dishonestly and

publicly give the deceitful impression

to everyone that I’m something and

someone I most evidently am not

and moreover seriously don’t

ever want to be. So naturally I

joined the throng of those who are quite seasoned

in these sorts of things and dishonestly let it be

known that I’m rather comfortably at home

where animals are concerned. That said, I

have a demonic secret I’ve only shared

with a few elite and privileged ones

like me. Namely, that what animals

I fervently relish, I do prefer that

that they’re all dead, not to eat

them mind, as that would be

most unkind; but primarily

you see it’s all to do with

my distinctly obsessive

and necrophilia relish

of joyfully fucking

them ecstatically!


© Stanley V. Collymore

26 September 2015.


Author’s Remarks:

“Now why didn’t Jeremy Corbyn get up to something like this?” I say mischievously. Answer: Because it’s not the kind of behaviour that principled, honest and profoundly moral people of either gender ever contemplate on doing far less so actually embark on because to be quite blunt with you it’s quite perverted and absolutely sick! Nevertheless, the hatchet men and women that were quite frenziedly and demonically having a go at ethical, in every sense, Jeremy Corbyn were quick to come up with their puerile, lame, hypocritical and double-standards excuses that it was simply high jinks on the participant(s) part, happened 30 years ago, and furthermore it’s what the privileged and born to rule naturally do and should be seen in that particular light.

However when their selective victim Jeremy Corbyn, as a legally separated man, had an alleged personal relationship with Diane Abbott – 40 YEARS AGO - who wasn’t, not even remotely so, responsible for the break up of his marriage THAT however in marked contrast and in the sick minds of the same redneck and white trash scum in the UK media and their likeminded and quite discernibly intellectually challenged counterparts in the wider British public was worthwhile news and a viable stick to beat Jeremy Corbyn with as these pitifully and pathetic scumbags had no problem jumping on a manufactured and vilification bandwagon aimed at Jeremy, who true to form: this man that I do and have always enormously admired and deeply respect with the same committed passion that I’ve similarly had and still do for the likes of Mohammed Ali, Rosa Parks, Steve Biko, Joe Slovo, Dr. Martin Luther King, J.F Kennedy and his brother Bobby; Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Hugo Chavez, Patrice Lumumba, Shirley Chisholm, Olaf Palme, Clement Attlee, Malcolm X, Ruth First, Arthur Scargill, Oliver Tambo, Winnie Mandela, Nelson Mandela, Dr Cheddi Jagan, Eric Williams (late Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago), Evo Morales, Sir John Gay Alleyne and every other Barbadian there was or currently is, including our National Heroes; most specifically so the intensely loved, deeply revered and forever remembered Errol “Dipper” Barrow (several times Prime Minister of Barbados and the Father of Barbados’ Independence), took in his stride and studiously with a marked and instinctive degree of class which comes with true breeding and that these privileged perverts, instinctive paedophile protectors and their patently self-individualism and thoroughly obsessive social climbing moronic asshole followers, that for all their professed airs and graces, couldn’t match in a billion light years.

So good on you Jeremy! Keep up the good work and be optimistically reinforced with the profound knowledge that for those of us out here that genuinely know what you’re all about and love you, already have you up there among some of the world’s authentic Greats who were themselves vilified by equivalent venal reactionaries to any form of egalitarian change in their own communities and countries and also managed to get the conspicuously dim-witted, for whom they’ve never and still don’t give a toss about, but all the same quite cynically have no compunction whatsoever in utilizing them as the Useful Idiots that they most evidently are!



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