Why I Write


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Why I write,
I'm sitting here trying to think why I write
and less and less keeps coming to my mind as I type,
But see one thing I know for sure
is that poetry is somewhat of a cure
for all of us that are trying to find a pure side to this cruel cruel world.
I write because I've never heard more honest words
than the ones I hear when I decide to rewind.
So many different things run through the minds of so many different lives,
you wanna speak up but you are so afraid that all they'll hear is a whine.
What we don't understand is that they're going through the same exact pain
that beautiful bittersweet pain that pushes us yet keeps us from going insane.
I write for those that can not
and I don't mean just those that get writer's block.
I mean for those that haven't found their voice.
Even for those that think we are just a bunch of senseless girls and boys.
I write simply because I love the words,
no better feeling than when they seem to pour out and flood you like a flock of birds.
This poem, it may not be the best or even ever be read,
but it leaves me with just one question to be said,
I know why I do what I do,
but what about you?


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