Why I Write

Sun, 07/28/2013 - 22:03 -- mbartot

I write because there is a blank page in front of me

Calling out to me and waiting to be defined,

To be told its own story so that it can pass it on

To anyone else willing to listen.


I write because others cannot.

Because I have the power to give a voice to the voiceless,

To set free those held in bondage

By uncovering those truths long shrouded in silence.


I write because I have the lines to compose a song that expresses

A relationship, a feeling, a day, or a lifetime.

Because within me lie the words that can cut someone down to the core

Or build them up again.


I write because no matter who I am or how I feel

When I pick up that pencil I am transported

To a place I have never been before,

And am transformed into the person I have always wanted to be.


I write because no one else can write the same thing I can.

Because if I don’t write what I have to say,

Then no one will.



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you live to write

you write to live

let your vocie be heard

express yourself proudly

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