Why I write.

Sun, 07/28/2013 - 23:49 -- anaysp


Writing is the true answer to any complication

It's beauty at it's best

The words outline my body

Defining who I am and who I can be

More then just a hobby

It's life

Life on paper, inked down with a pen

Being with you forever, 

As you cry and write

The ink may flow down but your

words remain

Completing the best poetry there is yet to come

The best feeling is feeling the confidence of the piece you've created, 

Knowing that you put all your effort 

and emotion towards it, 

Because everything you wrote down on that paper

Was about you,

About your thoughts,

And how something made an impact on you

Writing isn't simply words,

It's the fact that behind those words

carries a background of truth, a 

personal side to it

And that's why I fell in love

I fell in love with what a pen and paper

can become

 A beautiful poem


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