Why I Write

In a world so loud,

How else can we express our thoughts? Its pretty much impossible to stand out from the crowd. Any time we try, we only end up distraught.  I've never been the loud one, Or the one that everyone wants to hear. I had a friend who people used to describe as the sun, Which we all revolved around every day of the year. It was hard to come back from that,  And still to this day when I try to speak I get interrupted and ignored like a plastic bag That ends up rolling down the street.  I write because whether or not you ignore my words, You cant interrupt a sentence while you read it. Sometimes my eyesight becomes blurred From the tears caused by everyone who forces me to sit And stay quiet while they murmur about the rest Of their lives which are obviously much more important than mine.  But when I write I can say what i want without being suppressed.  I would love to tell everyone its about time That they listen to me,  But they'll find out eventually.


Need to talk?

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