Why I Write

Sun, 08/11/2013 - 18:03 -- BreBear

The sun shine, and the grass grow.

The leaves fall, and the moon glow.

The cars honk,and the wolf howl.

I write because it makes me smile.

The wind blow,and the ground shake.

When I write my heart don't break.

Adults walk,while babies crawl.

When I write joy lifts me up and I don't fall.

I write because I want to,  I write because I care.

When I put the pencil down, there's a burden that i can't bear.


Writing is my passion, writing is my life.

Why I write is not a hard question.

I write because it describe me and the soul that God gave to me. 

At the beginning and the end of it all;

The key to that question is that I write because writing is all me.


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