why i write

Why do I write poetry..i write because I can and no amount of one night stands can compare to this ever surpresant rollercoaster that is my life...i write because of my future wife for whom I would give up my life...i write because it makes me feel like more than just a man ....more then a slave to the devils present gaze....when I write everything is not all black and white more like fifty shades of grey....when I write the long awaited truth is revealed that I am no mere servant or toy of a god ..but that I have become one.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you live to write

you write to live

tell your story as the author that inspires

well said brother


This is a really great poem!

I think it would help it a lot easier for others to read if you worked on the spacing a bit, but other than that you should keep doing what you're doing! 

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