"Why I Write"

To observe everything and everyone

Is nothing more than leisurely fun.

I keep to myself and say not one thing.

This is why I write: for the joy that it brings.


It is amazing how the mind works.

Thoughts roam mindlessly; a magnificent network.

We think in a stream of consciousness,

Then again, it is a consequence.


Not only the good, but the bad comes to mind.

A paper and pen is all it takes; it does not take a mastermind.

The perforated lines are our only limit,

But that should not stop the fearful or the timid.


When too scared to be heard

Take that paper and write a word,

You’ll see that it is only you and the paper,

There is neither a grade nor a grader.


This is why I write:

Everything is purely in my own sight.

I express things I wouldn’t dare to share,

Because I know that others might look and stare.


So what If I’m nostalgic,

And a hopeless romantic,

That paper and pen give me a reason

To broaden my horizon.


A constant reminder,

That I am the only insider,

I see things that no one else sees,

That paper and pen make me… me.

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