Why is it that


Why is it that you see her in the corner crying yet you do nothing.

How is it that you tease her for something that was, not her fault. Why do you torture the girl who you know nothing about?She comes to school wishing that she was dead and all you do is tournament her to no end.Did you know that the same girl you torment about her clothesher looks is the same girl that's family was on the news?Did you know that her father would come home late at night drunk off his ass and rape her?Did you? No, yet you act like you know her and what she's going through? Or what about that boy who sits in the back of the room You tease him about his brains, yet you want him to do your homework.And why do you tease him?What did he ever do to you?Is it because he will actually get somewhere in life? But did you know he goes home every night and cuts himself in his room?Did you know he is already on the verge of suicide because his mother sold herself for drugs?Did you now that the only reason he hasn't killed himself is because he has a little sister who doesn't know anything yet? People bully people yet we never know anything. Why do we have to bully others?What does it do to your self of steam?But then when you hear you are the reason for that person's death you feel guilty afterLet's put a stop to bullying for once stand up to those who have no voice. 

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