Why Not Make Our World A Better Place


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Is This What Martin Luther King Sacrifice His Life For?
Could The World Be Coming To An End?
I Don't Understand Why We All Can't Be Friends.
Babies Dying , Mothers Crying , And Still No Justice.
Innocent People Dying , And All People Can Say Is "At The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time".
Why Are We Having All This Black On Black Crime?
I Don't Want To See Another Innocent Child "At The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time".
It's Time To Fight For Reasonable Reasons Like Creating New Jobs.
It's Time To Think About Every Move We Make.
It's Time To Be Responsible For Every Mistake.
It's Sad How Tomorrow Isn't Promised Today.
I Don't Know About You But I Just Want Our World To Be A Better Place.
It's Time To Look At The Person In The Mirror And Make A Change.

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this is a powerful msg that needs to be convey all across the board
part of why this is happening is due to vicious cycle that has passed on to generation after generation
be a leader and stand out-great job with the poem
even better if you were to recite it

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