Why Oh Why Me?


Why oh why me?

What have I done to deserve this for this punishment to crawl up my skin out of nowhere

crawling up my skin like microscopic insects that no body seems to see

My hair, all the way down to my very toe nails stand in confusionto this wretched pain that I can only feel

There is no one to cry to, to call on to, or to even witness me peel

I am in pain, the kind of pain that has no cure

I cry day and night, but no one seems to hear me

"Why have they chosen me to go through this alone",I ask myself repeatedly if this is what I get for all the sins I have committed

I ask myself consistently if life has a reverse button

I sit down in a dark room, hoping to flood the room with my tears

Even my tears, can't solve my problems for me so I sit there and ask my self one last question, "Why Oh Why Me?"


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