why teacher why

Mon, 11/11/2013 - 00:40 -- shanymc


ay teach why do you do what you do

u say your not found of kids

but your choose to teach them

deadlines, you get mad if we don't reach them

but take forever to gradeour work

why punish the whole class

and not just the person with all the sass

why does it take you so long to put grades in

when I gave you my work last weekend

does it really take long to grade a bunch of multiple test

you have the answer key, so contine to protest

you say u stay at school longer than me

that is not true as you leave about two hours later after 3

I stay at school for practice and then get home at about 8

if the coach isn't please it sometimes become even more late

not to mention i have four other classes to do work in

and also does it really matters if i use a pen

i respect the work teachers do

but it's not my fault you choose the wrong major to view





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