There's a freedom

A journey

A justice

And a joy

A release.



An escape


My mind is freed

A journey is made

A joy is created

I get a release

Causes a tranquillity

And a scene of hope.

And a peaceful escape


Why do i write,

Why does a dolphin swim?

Or a bird fly?

An why a monkey climbs,

I was born to write,

An to change someone's life

With just one word

I could open a mind,

Or start a dream,

And touch a heart.


This is why i write

I write because

The words have power

They come without a thought

Only and emotion

Whether that be fear,

Hope, Joy, Sorrow, Grief, Happiness

Whatever it may be.


I write because it gives me strength

I don't have to fight with my fist,

Instead, i will use my words to stop a raging bull

Even if that raging bull is just a bad thought

Or doubt

Or just the struggle of everyday

I will write

No one can take it away

Not my thoughts

Or words

Or hopes and dreams

I will take my pen in hand,

And calm the storm


This is why i write...



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