Will it get better?


  At some point in your life you think, who am I? Why am I here?  Who have I become?

  You start to realize how miserable you are.

  You start to feel alone and empty inside.

  Will it get better?

  You think.

  How long will I be like this? Should I just end it? Or should I just fight through it.

  You find yourself helpless, on the ground, trying to pick yourself up, and you still think,

  Will this ever end.

  Who knows.

  You suddenly start to pick yourself up..And you're thinking  things will be ok.

  But are they really?

  Just when you think things are okay.

  You get thrown back to the ground.

  Where it all started.

  And you think again,

  Will this ever end?

  You then start to feel like nothing again. you start to feel alone again.

  You start to think maybe I should just end it.

  By now you're tired.



  You're exhausted.

  You're now thinking to just end it all. But still with a little bit of hope, you ask yourself again,

  Will this ever end?

  With that little bit of hope you found you then know that you're not alone.

  Pain is only temporary.

  You know that all this you're going through isnt going to last.

  There's always an end to everything.

  And you know that everything you're going through,

  Will end.



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