A woman's suffering

There is a slight connection between the fear

growing steadily along with my inner hope

And the obscure room filled up

with the reminiscences of love, doubts and hoplessness,

The positive smile I once saw on your face

has now turned into a mischievous grin,

The mesmerizing thoughts of love I had

are now smoldered by your evil nature

And they are travelling past newly-formed concepts

I’ve been having

That I should, one day, run frantically

and escape the sorrow I’m wrapped in,

What have I done wrong, may I ask,

I’ve completed each and every task,

Yet you feel entitled to mastermind my pain,

thus everything I’ve done will be in vain,

You grab my hair with your filthy hands and

drag me to your lugubrious cavern

Start hitting, shoving, biting,

restraining, shaking and choking me,

The sad salty tears are flowing on my cheeks

and misery can be read all over my face

Due to another near-death experience

you have put me through,

It can freeze a man’s mind mid sentence

at the thought of this,

And I wish the pain would end,

And that the demons that gained supremacy over him

would suddenly vanish,

And I could be free,

Not sick at heart, desperate and lost,

Lost in the black ambiguous hole

That a monster has created,

Nevertheless people don’t see me struggle,

they don’t hear my screaming,

they can’t feel my hurting,

There’s no room for help,

they don’t bother giving me a hand,

The justice system has collapsed, hasn’t it?

It went into the deep and

I notice it didn’t get anywhere…

I’m seeking for justice and rehabilitation,

Hope is now my sole option left,

Hope that they will help me one day,

Until then, there is only one thing I keep doing,

I am fighting…





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