A Wonderful Job

What is it that inspires me?

What is it that I want?

What is it that I'm willing to highly regard?


What would be more wonderful than doing such thing?

To help some of nature's incredible offspring!


But how could I do this?

You question yourself.

And here I am to willingly tell.


Tell it to your heart as I tell it to mine.

To look at the wild and the creatures inside

Of this wonderful world, we will help them survive.


It will be long years ... one...two...four,six, and eight

To reach what we're willing to perform some day.


But everything's worth it.

Here, I tell you to believe!

No matter the things that will ...


To hinder our dreams!


What about the distance?

Don't worry about that.

If you're willing to achieve this

Dedicate your mind to that.


And in the case that your loved ones

Sure doubt to let you go

Tell of the wonderful deed you're about to begin

And the humble world that you're about to bring.

To help all of nature's incredible offspring!


Then they will know of your most dearest job

That of which you have always dreamed of

To help the innocent creatures hold on... and hold on!


What would be more wonderful than helping our nature...

The creatures...

The Living...

The Tamed and the Untamed...

The Innocent...


And mysterious Wild.


Oh, what would be the most incredible job?

It is this!  It is this!

To help beautiful nature's harmless offspring.

Tell me, wouldn't that be such a wonderful thing?





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