The Wondrous stars


Night has arrived

We run to turn on all the lights

for fear of the dark

Once the sun is gone we become primitive creatures lurking in our caves

With the lights burning bright

Keeping the shadows at bay.

Turn off the lights step outside and look around

In the sky we see little fairies dancing and playing in the night

not afraid of the dark nor hiding in a cave

so their stories come to life

Orion stands over the heavens ready to hunt once again

Scorpius rewarded by a goddess for killing orion

The greeks saw these stories they did not hid

Yet they were more afraid of the dark then we are.

Why do we not see what is around us

the beauty and wonder

Lets turn off the lights and explore

The stars are ever changing and one day

Polaris might not be there any more

Then what will serve as the north star

guiding the lost and scared to safety?

Find the stars they hold the key to our fears.



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