Words Are



Words are power. For if you speak with influential words, intelligent words, confident words, people will listen.

Words are weakness. For if you say the wrong words: words that scare, words that confuse, words that anger, your people will turn away.

Words are hurtful. For a single word could turn your best friend away from you forever.

Words are kind. For a single word could save a sad person from doing the unthinkable.

Words are ugly. For in the modern age, words are butchered to accommodate the lazy.

Words are beautiful. For in the correct order and tune they have the ability to create beautiful phrases.

Words are lacking. For there never seems to be the words to describe the majesty of nature or the mystery of the unknown.

Yet, words inspire. For every word ever spoken, written, and sung comes from a limited alphabet. So much made from so little.

People are powerful.

People are weak.

People are hurtful.

People are kind.

People are ugly.

People are beautiful.

People are lacking.

People are inspiring.

Because people are their words. 


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