words are............


inspire by power poetry poet daileye ( i thank you)


words are loving

words spread joy to one's heart

words open up eyes blinded by deception

words renew

words reborn

i too love my words

words are forgiving

words inspire people to rise like jesus awakes from his death

words are healing

words spits serious fire

words touch lives

words are passing on the torch

which one honors the art of poetry

i define my words

words don't define me

i choose my words

so when i express, people will be struck like lightning

but not to feel frighten

but awareness that makes a difference between life and death


i too like my poems

because it allows my mind to deepen my thoughts

with imaginations and creativity

originality where my words are going to impact your life

words are meaningful

where my eyes are crystal clear

my heart is racing full of joy

my lips are seal to listen

my voice projects that echoes the power of words


words are about

having faith

finding love

building friendships

finding that soulmate

words permit me 

to perform by giving me the mic


words are about the roots

to all beginnings

where words are said to understand 

the history in which we can agree

and use them whenever anyone presents

a threat by falsifying fabrications 

rather than truth


words are important to me

i take my words to work

i take my words to where i workout

i take my words and educate 

where minds and spirits are uplifted 

by intoxicating a cancer call stupidity

lastly, i take my words home

home is where i'm at

i too like my words







Miss Lane

You had commented on one of my first poems and mentioned that I should check this out. It's very well written and I really enjoyed it, thank you for sharing.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

im glad you enjoyed my poem

thank you for the support

check out my new pieces


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