Words Can Change You, And Others

People can say one small word

Leaving a big impact

Bullies say mean things

Bullies are everywhere

Their words can knock you down

But why let them

You can stand up for yourselves and others

You don't even have to raise your voice

Just make it heard

They walk up to you

They speak their words hurtfully

You stand up

Speak your words bravely, boldly, and clear

Let your message be known

You don't have to make it mean

Only make it meaningful

Let them know your not afraid

You don't care about a few words

Rumor may spread

They might want you dead

(Feeling's mutual)

But you are better than them

To spread rumors and lies

May ruin their lives

But if you did that

Who would the bully be?

Don't be petty

Don't matter, popularity,

Stand up for yourself

No matter what they say

Don't let their words change you for the worse

Let them change you for the better

whichever is better for your health, mentally, emotionally, and physically

That is what you know is better

For you, and the people around you.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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