The Words That No One's Spoken


I've seen the pain of a thousand lies tearing through your soul

I've seen the bruises of anger beaten down upon your pliable flesh

Furious fists flying, pushing, swinging, never ending, never stopping

I've seen your tears as you watched all you knew slowly falling


I've seen your life ended in a moment

I've seen you stand guilty, innocent, angry, broken

I've seen you behind bars

I've seen the court room, your shaking shoulders, the quiver in your lips

I've seen you watch them, those men and women, the ones to decide your life, your fate

Your worth

I've seen your lips caught between sharp teeth, the pain the only reprieve, the only escape from the agony of silence

I know what it is for eyes to gaze upon you and see nothing but guilty

Nothing but big, fat letters, dripping blood, tainted

I know what it is to be ignored, looked down upon, pushed beneath those who 'matter more'

Those who are important, rich, social, well known

I know how you fall between the cracks, passed off, handed away to a man with a bulging brief case who doesn't even know your name

I've seen him fumble for his words, his feet, his things

I've seen you dragged in to a cell, hands cuffed, will broken

I've seen what ineptitude, indifference, carelessness can do

I've seen the power words can have

I've seen them break and build, shatter and heal

I've seen words inspire thousands to be better, and I've seen words inspire thousands to ignore their morals

I've seen words

It's the way they are given that you remember seeing

Because we all want to speak

But more, we all want to be heard

We want our stories, our truths, to ring out across eager ears, in to waiting minds

We want to be believed

But today, in the face of guilt, we are not

We are slandered, mocked, ridiculed, beaten down

We are wrong, guilty, monsters

We're the unbelievable story

I've seen the innocent rot in jail and the guilty walk free

I've seen corruption for money, power, fame

I've seen justice

I've seen sugar coated mockeries

I want to see change

I want to see court rooms with lawyers of passion

I want to see men and women fighting for their charge

Not a paycheck

Not a figure

Not a salary

I want to see the fight for justice

I want to see freedom

I want to BE freedom

I want to be the voice to speak for the silent

I want to be the storyteller to give your truth, your life, your reality

I want to be the woman to save you

I want to be the difference

I want to be the job that forces me to be better, stronger, more just

I want the job that demands the best person, the best soul, the best heart

I want the job to change my life

That job, that moment, that place, that speach, that statement

I want them to change me

I know they can change me

I will fight yesterday, today, tomorrow

I will fight for change

Because if I want to be a better me, why can't I fight for the world to see the better you?

Why can't I say the words that no one's spoken?


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