This World

I want to dance over the moon.

To skip across the night’s stars.

To fly just above the ocean’s surface,

Then to dive down deep, deeper…

To the deepest part of the Blue.


I want to roll down a hill,

To come upon a bed of Flowers-

Roses, dandelions, daffodils…

As far as the eye can see,

And the nose can smell.


I want to lie in that bed,

Gazing up as the clouds roll-

Eventually fading into stars.

Swirling, Twirling, Dazzling,

The heavens a constant wonder.


The world is moving and changing around me.

As I lay still, unyielding to the turn of time.


As shall I stay, as long as I say.

As I live and breathe-

So shall it be, with no regrets.

This world often stays in dreams.

But I, I live the dream. 


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