This world

Mon, 07/21/2014 - 11:56 -- Mera B

Why we making a songs about strippers and your poles but not worrying about to disappearing in North and South Poles. why politicians get to spend our money on outlandish projects in their home states. when the homeless people dream of dreams of eating steaks you Why oil tycoons pockets or so wide while our gas prices are so high. why we spend so much money on entertainment in the recession, when people are losing their jobs everyday with so much depression. why the government has come up with new ways to get more money? when little people know the country can function without IRS and we can save money for you and your honey. our standards are getting lower morality is taking a turn for the worst. so much pain and neglect do anyone care anymore? why politicians can get a 400 dollar haircut and the government is complaining about tax cuts. every so often benefits ofof Medicaid is depleting, wow this show is companies are steady completing. why do I feel the voices that should be heard aren't heard, the ones we should listen to are scared off and take flight like the birds. This world....

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