A World Baton Twirling Champion


World Championships
United States


Eyes open, waking at the crack of dawn

Early, to early to feel anything.

The practice place is packed no one is calm


I run my routine, almost everything

Strangers say hello and wish me good luck

Nerves rn high as amy coaches help me out


Pressure slowly builds as your time goes up

Friends encourage me, but I'm full of doubt

Nerves turn to adrenaline , I'm ready


Alone as thirty four countries watch me

The music begins I start off steady

Thirteen judges looking for penalties


I finish my routine withour a flaw

I did my best and most of the world saw



Guide that inspired this poem: 



I was inspired to write a poem regarding the World Baton Twirling Championships in 2012. Even though the championships were a year ago the pressure and the excitement still seems to never go away. I was fortunate to have gone through the experience of representing the U.S.A. and bringing a gold home back to my country and my community in Lake Elsinore, CA. Pressure as an athlete is very intense but yet the adrenaline is addictive. I felt the need to express myself through poetry as a way to relieve feelings I had at the World Championships. I love poetry because I could express myself in different ways without having a concrete question , "what does that mean?" I feel poetry is another way of expressing ones self like art.

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