The World I live In


The world I live in is a world different from others, where children are abandoned and left by their mothers

A world where respect and pride means more, than a degree you worked just four years for

See its a world where power resides in a gun, and the mean rob and shoot and thats only for fun

Where if you're not willing to fight then be ready to run, because no mercy is given and no justice is done

It's a world where drugs tears familes apart, and creates black holes in place of the heart

A world where a misplaced stare means death, and where it's bullets intstead of kisses that touch your flesh

Because life in this world means very little, and love and happiness is rather brittle

In this world tears pour more freely than rain, and behind every smile lies a potent pain

Where outside isn't safe and neither is home, where vagrants don't live they only roam

And yet the world that I live in is the world that I'm from, it's the world that has shaped the person I've become

I wouldn't change my experiences because they've made me, a person of misfortune and to me that's the key.


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