The World's Stage

I stand on the edge of the abyss
Staring into the multitude of eyes and hushed excitement
Red ones spout criticism
"She's just a naive child with too big a nose"
Blue ones giggle absent mindedly
"Do you remember him? Wasn't he gorgeous?"
Green ones remain silent 
Taken in by the elaborate pamphlet of names.
Brown ones are a mix of the three
Not knowing who to copy
But there! In the far corner there!
A pair of golden eyes shine in awe
Giddy as a fledgling bird
Murmuring, "She's the star!"
Her wonder sparks an elder in me
And I remember what you said that day
"Take a leap of faith
Jump into the world
Change someone's life.
Nothing will ever remain the same
And everyday is an adventure
So go forth:
Life is your stage
And you its shinning star."
Holding tight to the vow
I step into the spotlight and bow.


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