Worth by Paige Adkins

What determines a woman's worth?,

Is it the clothes she wears?,

The makeup that lines her face?,

Perhaps it is the swerve in her step,

And the way she gives men chase,

Does she bat her eye lashes,

And smile so bright,

That the sun turns away in jealousy,

And the moon tries to match it's light,

Is it the warmth in her arms,

And the love in her heart?,

Is it because she is life's painter,

And we are her art?,

Perhaps there is no worth,

And we are insane,

To think that we can put a price,

On something life gave,

Their worth is in tears,

And smiles and dreams,

The worth is in hope,

When life rips at the seams,

Women are mothers,

And give life to daughters and sons,

How can we judge life,

From where it has begun?





i like that alot.

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