The Writer


I grew up,
With a couple of struggles.
I hate to preface,
But I don't want to let this
Sound like I'm trying to say "poor me".
I just want to share my story,
Starting when I moved out at fourteen.

A friendly family happily took me in,
And since then
They've loved me
like one of their own children.

Back then,
I used to steal food.
I also got in a lot of fights at school.
my life plans occurred daily,
Always consisting of finding a way
to gain the strength to make it through.

I was in ninth grade,
And i had already survived,
a try at suicide.
If that wasn't bad enough,
I started a fire
Soon after,
An accident
that burned an entire wildlife preserve.
Then my life got worse.

My mom called
To say she was leaving the state,
with both my brother and sister.
 I was sixteen.
since then, I've seen them once each.

It was my first year of high school
When I started to drink and use drugs,
Despite my knowledge of alcoholism
That's been passed down
my family's rungs.

I had a lot of fun,
 Living carefree
Without worry
Of what tomorrow would bring.

But drugs weren't enough
To cover my pain.
They put a bandaid on my heart,
That really only worsened the strain.
But paper, would always eagerly listen.

That same year I started my first book.
I wrote rhymes that helped
keep my mind at ease.
I let my anger loose,
And grew passionate
About the way that words could move.

Three years later,
I burned my book.
There was nothing left.
I had to know if I would pass the test.

I needed to see
If a writer
Is what i am
supposed to be.

Another two years,
And I'm twenty one.
A lot has changed.
I no longer live
A life of self destruction.

Now I try to always be constructive.
I'm in love with fighting,
And compete in a ring.
I'm getting married,
And I study everything.
I am a student in college,
As well as a Yoga instructor.
I am a volunteer,
And a boxing coach.
Much has changed since I was a teen.
I go to Church,
And I now have over a year
of sobriety behind me.

Books and pens saved my sanity,
And Christianity has made a man of me,
So in return,
a writer is just what I have to be.

And because i write,
I have peace of mind.
I met a girl in school,
Who is now the love of my life.
And Venting with a pen,
prevented my suicide.

For me, writing is not just a hobby.
it is not an obligation.
It is my way, of self preservation.

I believe,
writing is the best way to reach,
And that example,
Is the best way to teach.

So writing, is more than just my passion,
It is my purpose.
Writing is not what i do,
A writer, is who I am.


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