Tue, 08/19/2014 - 18:04 -- Daisyo

How does a dream metastasize?
It starts off as a cellular thought
So miniscule that it barely pinches your consciousness – but
It’s still there…

It’s like a cancer,
Holding on till the bitter end in your mind.
Holding you back yet propelling forth your aspirations
Because you dream dreams that are so strong
That dreaming itself is like a dream.
The ability to conjure up your own realm in your mind
And satisfy your urge to go against the tide,
Be your own person.
Despite the rocky corrals that fetter your insatiable waves –
The jellyfish that sting you back into conformation,
The killer whales that swallow you every bit of courage
they fish from you,
It’s still there….

I am writing by myself
For myself
Against the selves
That say that I cannot write.
They doubt my ability to pick up a pen and evoke
letters so concrete they create words,
Words so stable they create phrases,
Phrases so succinct that create sentences,
And sentences so striking they create me.

For “I Have a Dream”
Simply does no manifest
the magnitude of force
Concomitant in my having a dream.

My dreams have ostentatious wings
Because they have spanned
My whole lifetime without
Losing their brilliance or resilience
Against practicality.
My dreams have lips
For they have whispered sweet nothings
Against my better judgment –
That I dared dream of poetry.
My dreams wear levels upon levels or armor
For they have shielded me from
Cryptic realities.

I write because I am a dreamer;
I write because God gave me the freedom to.


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