Writing feels Right.


I tap my pen and bite my lip

Thinking of subjects on the slip.

Not a word comes to mind for an instant

But my mind whirs, fingers twitch insistent.

Then suddenly ablaze the worlds fly

Caring not for how much time goes by.

Thoughts flare and expand to full potential

I cast away words existential.


Several people ask why I write

I reply to them forthright:

It is my choice to be this way.

Writing lets me focus on work and on play.

Without it I do not know where I would be.

But surely, I would not be defined as “me”.


Writing understands completely without judging,

Comforts wholeheartedly without speaking,

Encourages gently through imagination.

All without a moment’s hesitation.

So you ask me why I write.

I write because it feels right.


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