Inhale Xxhale

Here I  go again

trying to leave something more than a footprint

Inhale Xxhale

Here i lie again

Loving the predicament that I happended to stumble in 

Inhale Xxhale

Here I dream again

Striving to make figment reality i live in

Inhale Intake

Resistance says I need a brake

Inhale Absorb

My dream that I adore

inhale input

all the knowledge that i sook

out to be the transforming me

XXhale breathe out

All the pain all the doubt

XXhale experience

All the change all the bliss

Xxhale comprehend

that I love the predicament that i happended to stumble in

Xxhale to unload

Inhale to re-up

Do both i'll prosper

DO both I'll never give up

Inhale Xxhale

Here We go again

To truly love the predicament that we're all in



This poem is about: 
Our world


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