A Year of Battle

Mon, 01/16/2017 - 12:49 -- Sebina

A happy and optimistic girl I was back then.

Found myself in an everlasting hurricane in the middle of March, starting with my grandfather’s death.

I tried to be a soldier, protect my heart like it was my nation.

Found myself in commotion.

My little heart fluttered and let me know I was alive. I smiled at that.

Then I got my second chance and thought that the storm was finally over.

However, an ocean cannot stay calm for too long.

I finally came to a realization: I was only in the eye of a merciless hurricane.

I knew something ominous this way comes, so I prepared for the worst attack.

That’s what I thought at least.

It was a surprise attack that I was not ready for. It broke through my barriers and before I knew it, I had

one less of a friend, a family member, but most importantly my grandmother.

I told myself I was okay. That she was okay. Everything was going to be alright. But what can you say possibly say to stop a breaking heart?

I found myself in the middle of false accusations and high school also played a part.

I attempted to brave through it, but words can be sharp as a knife. It cuts and leaves you wounded.  

To fix myself, I looked for a firefly in the dark. Instead, I found my reflection in a mirror.

I cannot lie, for I was hurt, my eyes screamed pain, and my hands extended for help.

However, through all the pain my eyes projected, I’ve seen strength and bravery glowing though each strand of hair in my head. I’ve seen relentless efforts running through my veins and arteries.

 I knew I still had a part of me left somewhere, and I could not help but take comfort in that.

I’ve learned that you improve as days go on, memories get added and taken away to make the best versions of yourself for tomorrow, and the day after, and forever.

I’ve learned to love my reality and embrace it with all I have.

My memories will always stay memories, but they’re my memories.

Throughout this year, I’ve learned to hate, to accept, and to forgive.

I knew the storm wasn’t over, but I also knew I wasn’t ready to give up now, or ever.


The girl I was back then harbors a striking difference to the girl I am now.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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